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schwa-medico GmbH

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About us

For over forty years the aim of schwa-medico has been to develop products designed to enhance the quality of life for people of all ages with the focus on non-medicinal pain relief therapy and rehabilitation,eg. electrical nerv – and musclestimulators (TENS / NMES).

Reacting to the latest technological advances the product range has broadened to encompass additional areas such as laser and ultrasound therapy, radio frequency lesion (facette joint denervation) and midfrequency stimulation systems.

The StimaWELL® MTRS® and the SYMBIONT whole body stimulation systems are the culmination of expertise gained by schwa-medico over 40 years of in depth research in the provision of professional medium frequency devices which represents the quality benchmark for cutting edge medical products..


schwa-medico GmbH
Wetzlarer Str. 41–43
35630 Ehringshausen

Phone:  +49 6443 8333113

Products & Services

  • rehabilitation equipment

  • electrical nerv and muscle stimulation by low and mid-frequency range

  • incontinence equipment

  • back stimulation

  • diabetic neuropathic pain

  • nervus vagus stimulation

TENStem eco basic

The TENStem eco basic is a device with a wide variety of programs that offers an easy selection of treatment parameters. The device includes 12 preset programs such as Burst, Frequency Modulation, Muscle Stim, Dynamic Stim, HAN Stim and 4 free programs for your own settings. The P16 program offers the possibility of stimulating with monophasic current and is also suitable for iontophoresis treatments and ideal for home care.
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2 channels,16 programs,4 alkaline batteries

EMP 2 pro

The EMP 2 PRO is a proved and tested stimulator in the schwa-medico
range. The unit has a new case since 2012 and now works with an
integrated rechargeable battery. With its new design and the latest
treatment techniques you can treat pain and do muscle stimulation.
The EMP 2 PRO belongs to the highest standard of portable electrotherapy
devices. The EMP 2 PRO has an edit mode to make 21 of your own
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Pain Treatment Muscle Stimulation Incontinence Therapy Wellness Sports

URO Stim 2

The URO stim 2 has been designed to improve the strength of the pelvic
floor and sphincter muscle and to treat pain in the gynological field. The
URO stim 2 includes 10 pre-set programs and 10 free programs for all kinds
of incontinence treatment.
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Urge incontinence Stress incontinence Mixed incontinence Anal incontinence

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